In 2013 80% of new mobile optimised career sites do not offer mobile apply. You can read the research report here.

Unfortunately there are ATS vendors "going mobile" and avoiding mobile apply. If there is not an apply feature vendors should not be able to advertise it as a 'Mobile Recruiting' solution - if application is not possible is it really recruiting? 

I  recently was demo'ed the newly released mobile solution from a major EU ATS. Instead of providing a useful apply option on mobile, they suggested candidates did not want to apply on mobile. Based on the huge volumes of mobile application going through the various platforms that do support mApply this felt to me an excuse. It made me smile, I expect it was a lot more effort and development costs to deliver a solution that was actually useful, which is why the features are missing. 

Our industry MUST do better. Instead of finding stats to avoid innovation we need to learn where there can be improvements and go make them happen!

Many companies including the one I work for, Three Sparks (Pocket Recruit), are delivering full mobile recruiting solution. Many (like Pocket Recruit) offer a full mApply solution and make it accessible to one man band recruiters through to global enterprises.  It seems to me that that the 80% have made poorly chosen investments or were sold a product not fit for purpose. Perhaps they can claim a refund?

AuthorDave Martin