Speed has massive impacts to application conversion, slow sites leak potential talent. Every second that slows down the website increases the volume of candidates who leave. Which ones stay? Well those with the best skills who are very desirable to hire don't need to go through the hassle of using a slow site. 

Google consider mobile website speed as a critical element of the page ranking algorithms. So speeding up the mobile site will deliver more candidates, improve SEO and reduce CPC of adWords campaigns.

Unfortunately many still ignore speed on mobile. They test on top end new devices using wifi. Within too many corporate walls slow Internet is normal so the perception of speed is different compared to candidate or Google perception.

Google have set out in their mobile SEO guidelines that sites on mobile should load in 1 second, they highlight that today typically mobile sites take 10 seconds to load.

Downloading the bytes of data that make up a mobile site has a large impact on site speed. Expecting the phone to run lots of javascript or badly written code slows it down. 

How fast is your site on mobile? 

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AuthorDave Martin