Today the company I work for, Three Sparks, has released a report I wrote that summarises finding of 3 years of research. It shows the trends in employers mobile recruiting. You can get a copy for free here

The report illustrates the increased adoption of mobile web career sites and the decline of career native apps (the ones you download). In 12 months over 300% more employers have launched an attempt to optimise their career site. 

What amazed me is how poorly so many were implemented and why the ability to apply was ignored by so many. There are clearly some amazing sales reps out there capable of selling a recruitment marketing solution that does not let the candidate apply! 

My company has a product called Pocket Recruit which provides 'Cloud Apply'. This powers mobile apply and is accessible to companies of all sizes and budgets. So an easy mobile apply is feasible.

I have screen shots of many of the "mobile optimised" career sites the research reviewed, some are pretty some are less so. Would anyone be interested in seeing these screens? Shall we publish them?

You can get the report from


AuthorDave Martin