I hear this phrase way to frequently, "I have looked at my Google Analytics and no one applies using mobile, I don't see a need to invest further in mobile recruiting". This is a mistake and here is why:

1. If your recruitment site is NOT optimized for mobile it is highly likely that it is impossible for candidates to apply on mobile. Typically the statistics are being misinterpreted. The stats are telling you no candidates CAN apply by mobile, because the site makes it impossible for most people.

2. Does your application process require a CV / resume to be submitted? Is this a "must have" to finish the application? In most cases the answer is yes. Have you ever tried to click the "browse" button to upload a CV / resume on a smartphone? On iPhone it will pop up the photo gallery and prompt candidates to upload a picture. In most cases it is impossible to upload a CV / resume from a smartphone. This is why you are not getting applications from mobile - your process and solution makes it impossible. 

3. If your site is not mobile optimized then focus on the potential, the volume of visitors on mobile. This will likely be about 30% to 40%. The best candidates are not desperate and do not need to waste their time with a difficult and painful application process, when faced with your unoptimized mobile apply they will leave your site - possibly for ever. You are missing a big opportunity to increase candidate volume and quality if you are not mobile optimized. 

Getting your recruitment website mobile friendly is not hard, it won't break the bank and should be done within a month. The company I work for, Three Sparks, is one of a few vendors that specialize in mobile recruiting. 


AuthorDave Martin