Why do we demand a CV / Resume? In some sectors a candidates online profile shows more detail about their capabilities and their attitude than a carefully crafted self marketing 2 pager. Here are a few online profiles that help buck the trend in some sectors...

Github is where developers keep their code. Many developers write open source code or contribute to existing projects and share it with the world at Github. If your hiring developers then looking at the code they write in their spare time is going to tell you a lot about them. First off the fact they do it at all shows a passion for their trade. A technical reviewer can rapidly dismiss candidates they are not interested based on the code quality / level.

Dribble is a place for designers to show and tell. Here you can see an online equivalent to their design portfolio and what other people think about the work. Anyone hiring creatives should be requesting the candidates dribble account. 

Quora is a questions and answers community. If a candidate is frequently supporting other people in a specific sector then this illustrates their knowledge and based on the phrasing of the answers their collaboration attitude. If your hiring software developers then Stack Overflow will provide the same insights. 

It could be argued that candidates online presence in sites likes these is more authentic, honest and provide far more information to select for hire than the traditional CV / resume. One area the CV / resume provides value to recruiters is how easy it is to scan at speed. 

A mobile first recruiting strategy should be prompting candidates for relevant online profiles to support the selection process. At Three Sparks (where I work) we have a feature called Cloud Apply that is making it easier to collect such extended candidate data to supplement the CV / Resume.

AuthorDave Martin