Twitter recently shared that 80% of its users are on mobile and Facebook is nearly at 1bn active mobile users, LinkedIn is forecast to hit 50% mobile users very soon. Social is mobile. But what would social look like if it was not mobile optimized?

  • Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Message would be as slow as communicating via email. 
  • Instagram, twitpics, etc would not exist.
  • The majority of the office bound workforce would not be able to like, retweet, post or comment between 8am and 6pm while they were at work or commuting. 
  • There would be NO 'Ellen oscar' selfie. 
  • Celebrities would have to go back to carrying a pen to write autographs in the street.
  • There would be no channel for anyone and everyone to immediately post updates with pictures or video on news events.
  • The volume of pictures of people doing dumb things drunk would be very few as would pictures of peoples dinner.
  • When friends have kids or pets the number of baby photos or cats looking cute would be smaller.

Without mobile social media engagement would be minimal, much like early social media before the smartphone (eg myspace). Knowing how critical mobile is to social media, why would any company invest in social media marketing without having a clear mobile strategy?

AuthorDave Martin