We hear CEOs of global firms regularly say hiring "top" talent is a top 3 concern. I am not sure how talent is measured to be classed as "top"? What I do know is individuals who have strong skills and a career focused attitude rarely experience difficulty in getting a new job. Unfortunately many employers give candidates on mobile web a frustrating experience where it's often impossible to apply.

It may well be a third of employers have career sites that "look" ok on mobile, but the reality is 80% of employers have no apply solution on mobile or a site that so slow it wont ever generate quality applications. Great mobile support should be standard.

Part of the problem for recruiters to be fully mobile optimised is understanding the technical details. Unfortunately not all vendors are delivering suitable solutions which makes it very difficult for the employer or staffing agency to pick the best fit.

Should recruiters have to understand the messy technical jargon to be plan a strategy and execute plans to make the most from mobile web? Mobile web is a minefield full of over used (and mis-used) buzz words. 

To help employers and staffing agencies fully understand their recruitment sites mobile support and provide clear steps to improve the value, I am launching a new recruitment site mobile evaluation report.

I am working on the full release details now but you will soon be able to buy a mobile evaluation of your website. The mobile evaluation will include SEO, speed, functional & apply, device compatibility and mobile userability (UX)

If you are interested in being an early bird the please get in touch.





AuthorDave Martin