Today we have over a third of career sites optimised for mobile. A few are really good - unfortunately most are not. Some of those not so good sites are from global employers. My fear is many people will look across at those big companies and assume they have got it right. They will then copy the not so good!

This is not what our industry needs. Recruiters don't want to buy inferior solutions just as mobile emerges bigger than TV advertising and desktop Internet. It is a disaster waiting to happen. 

The recruitment industry is more reactive than innovative. To drive the industry forwards we need to ensure decision makers know what good looks like. Mobile presents the industry influencers with a challenge - many don't know themselves what good looks like. It's still quite new!

The underlying conundrum is it's not just about content and how glossy the design looks. To deliver mobile really well you need to go beyond the gloss, you need to get the tech right and the UX.

Knowing what Tech is right isn't easy the hype around Responsive Web Design is huge! But it's just one technology and one that presents problem as well as wins! For some situations Response Web Design is the perfect solution. However there are other technologies to solve the mobile web problem which in most cases are a better fit, such as Progressive Responsive and Adaptive. For recruitment sites plain basic responsive design is typically not enough, it is not what good looks like. The downsides of basic responsive is why only 9% of the worlds top e-retailers use Responsive, while 59% use Adaptive or dedicated msites, the rest haven't yet gone mobile. It takes some technical evaluation to see the issues making it very hard for recruitment influencers to know if it the site they are looking at is good or not. 

Often UX (User eXperience) is simply ignored, this is a massive mistake. There are some real basic mobile UX guidelines which many recruitment mobile sites still fail to deliver. Perhaps the most basic is finger friendly - if you want someone to tap a button or link the target area needs to be at least 44px. I could point at award winning mobile recruitment sites that fail to deliver this basic!

Obviously good is a mobile strategy that delivers your objectives. If the many poor solutions are delivering on the objectives the objectives are too easy - you need to be aiming a LOT higher! If these solution were better delivered the over delivery on the objective would be substantial. 

In my small way I try to share what good looks like via my blog, but it's time for more action!

How can we help push the industry forwards so everyone can recognise what good looks like?

I have a some exciting ideas but would really like to hear your thoughts, get it touch.