Typically recruiters report between 25% and 40% of their jobseeker traffic is via mobile or tablet, still many employer are choosing to ignore these potential candidates. The mobile job seeker share has doubled year on year. There are more job seekers on mobile every day.

The use of mobile web has grown significantly over the last 12 months. It is no surprise that job seekers are using smartphones and tablets to find their next job. Simply Hired shared globally they experience circa one third of all their traffic via mobile devices. UK job board Jobsite stated they receive more than 28% of their job seekers on mobile. Off the record, various job boards and aggregators implied their most recent user statistics place mobile job seekers as high as 40%. Assuming this trend continues we shall see more job seekers using job boards via the mobile channel than the desktop channel within one year.

LinkedIn has invested their strategy heavily in mobile. Through content and community, not jobs, they have achieved very high utilisation of their native mobile app. This strategy has positioned them, almost uniquely in the recruitment industry. Linkedin mobile usage is at 41%.

Three Sparks (where I work) has a dedicated product called Pocket Recruit design to make going mobile very easy and accessible. We don't just do mobile, we are now helping recruiters move forwards to the next opportunity - contextual marketing.

It really is time to end this discussion and get mobile!


AuthorDave Martin